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WP 4- University-wide research support services and facilities

WP 4- University-wide research support services and facilities


  1. Timely and accurate financial monitoring and reporting on externally funded research projects
  2. Research Management information systems providing synchronized data on research expertise and activities across the university
  3. Increased usage of Central laboratory facilities and services by researchers
  4. KNUST Library is will be able to provide research data management services to staff and students
  5. Doctoral College operational and providing university-wide PhD courses
  6. Functional automated and integrated system used for PhD education processes



  • Joint Consultative meetings to detail activities and timelines
  • Finalize the development of Grants Accounting Systems (GAMS) (system modifications and improvement)
  • Complete the installation/ operationalization of GAMS for all Colleges
  • Conduct grants/project management training for RAs
  • Conduct trainings on GAMS and ReMIS for both systems custodians and users; Conduct grants financial management training for RAs, accountants and system administrators
  • Provide technical training for System developers (to ensure effective management of softwares)
  • Participate in RA conference in Uganda (at least twice within the project) South-South exchange
  • Plan and undertake study visits to Denmark on grants financial management
  • Review/ develop grants management policies / SOPs/ guidelines
  • Conduct workshop on Research leadership and Mentorship
  • Technical training on proposal submission and review processes for Researchers and RAs
  • Monitor and ensure the institutionalization of project outputs and outcomes/ Project dissemination
  • Finalize the development of Research Information Management System (ReMIS)
  • Provide hands-on training for Researchers and research administrators
  • Complete installation of ReMIS for all College Research Offices
  •  Conduct baseline study on Research Data Management (RDM) practices in KNUST
  • Procure and install research data analysis softwares (Nvivo, SPSS, Endnote)
  • Organize stakeholder workshops to create awareness on RDM
  • Conduct workshop on research poster design for library staff
  • Prepare and submit draft policies on RDM to University administration
  • Create awareness and promote library resources and facilities
  • Train laboratory managers on the development of course modules for equipment specific applications
  •  Develop standard course modules for equipment-specific applications
  •  Initiate ISO Certification for KNUST central lab
  • Develop in-house analytical expertise for targeted industries and researchers needs, i.e. pesticide analysis, herbal drug quality and heavy metal analysis
  • Develop a sustainable university-wide chemical inventory and lab equipment inventory
  • Develop nation-wide advertisement campaigns of Central Lab
  • Knowledge sharing on lab management practices (North-South)
  • Conduct stakeholder meetings to refine draft curricula for at least 3 generic PhD courses
  • Review and submit draft curriculum to SGS Board for approval
  • Identify departments for hosting approved courses
  • Run approved courses
  • Improve features and functionalities of automated system for tracking PhD process
  • Conduct sensitization workshop for Graduate School staff
  • Organize hands-on training workshops for PhD students

Prepare and submit draft policies/guidelines on PhD Automation system to Graduate School Academic Board