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WP 2- Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE)

WP 2- Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE)


  1. KNUST staff and students make use of innovative processes and explore entrepreneurial opportunities as part of their learning and research
  2. Well-equipped learning hub for innovative activities established at the Kumasi Business Incubator for prototyping
  3. Academia-Industry networks developed to facilitate innovation, outreach and entrepreneurship



  • Conduct Stakeholders meeting to identify industry gaps that need innovative or local solutions as areas of research for WP 1 and WP 3
  • Identify staff to be involved in the pilot processes as change agents
  • Design materials and conduct training on team building and research group formation ( for WP1 & WP3 RGs)
  • Conduct training workshop on teaching, supervision and research with focus on innovations and entrepreneurship/ commercialization ( for two groups)
  • Facilitate meetings for supervisors and students to develop business ideas from their research outputs
  • Organize Open Day: Poster exhibition of College project outcomes that have commercial value/ innovations
  • Conduct N-S consultative meeting on needs assessment of equipment and fittings for KBI
  • Procure equipment, install and commission INNOLAB facility
  • Advertise and call for business ideas and concepts from staff and students for incubation
  • Screening and selection of business ideas for incubation at the INNOLAB ( including RGs)
  • Admit and orient selected tenants into Kumasi Business Incubator (KBI) for prototyping
  • Conduct one year technical training, prototype development and mentoring of tenants of KBI to establish start-ups and integrate into markets ( includes RGs in WP1 & WP3 )
  • Modify AI Platform into Smart Phone Application to include students. Promote identified projects from RGs (WP1 & WP3) and university wide
  • Organise collaborative meetings with AI(Administration & Technical teams) and Tek-TV to promote AI Collaborations
  • Organize prototype exhibition that bring stakeholders together to identify investment opportunities (for incubator tenants)
  • Evaluate and improve the AI platform on achievement of Academia-Industry collaboration benchmarking with AAU and UCN